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I am a nurse who loves healthcare, fashion and being a business owner. I believe in living out all of my dreams and I would love to spend my life encouraging others to do the same!.

My name is Brianna Bradley and I am a 26 year old registered nurse form Chester, PA.  Since I was a little girl I’ve always known that I wanted to care for people.  However, I do believe that after the sudden and tragic loss of my father, and the experience I had while in the hospital with him solidified that dream for me.  I knew that I wanted to touch the lives of others, just as the nurse that cared for my father had touched mine. My journey to nursing was no easy feat, but I was determined to accomplish my dreams and become something my family could be proud of.

I began at the illustrious Hampton University where I started as a Biology major. I had quickly come to the realization that I wanted a deeper connection with the people that I would help in the future, and I didn’t believe going the physician route could do that for me so I changed my major to nursing. Little did I know, it was not yet God’s timing for me to become a nurse at that point in my life.

I struggled through the nursing program and was unsuccessful, however, I never let that stop me. I change my major to Psychology where I could still use my gifts to touch the lives of others. I graduated from Hampton University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Although I was proud of my accomplishment, I knew I wasn’t done. After graduation, I moved to Richmond, VA where I was accepted to Bryant & Stratton College’s rigorous accelerated nursing program. The struggles kept coming, I fell on hard times with my finances and lost my apartment and my car I had worked so hard for, nonetheless I was determined to keep going.

Through it all, I continued to work hard, winning scholarships and maintaining my fulltime job in the emergency room to make sure tuition was covered and bills continued to get paid. In April 2015, I graduated nursing school and obtained my Associate of Applied Science in nursing degree. A month later I sat for my nursing boards and passed the first time. Words couldn’t describe the feelings I felt. In that same month, I moved to Dallas, TX. Since I’ve been in Dallas I have worked as a cardiac medical-surgical nurse and I have recently become trauma certified and moved to the DC area where I will start a new job as a trauma nurse in a level I trauma center.

I am now studying to be a nurse practitioner! Starting Not Just Nurses was important to me because I feel like God gave me a vision and testimony that everyone should hear about. In being transparent I want to encourage and motivate other healthcare professionals. My vision is that Not Just Nurses blossoms into a lifestyle brand that can serve as encouragement and motivation to nurses, nursing students, nurse entrepreneurs, and health care professionals alike.

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“Being a nurse is tough! We are held to such a standard as if we only work as nurses. I’m a full time mother, wife, and I have a degree in business management. I love this movement!”

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“Being a nurse is tough and I run my own business on the side. So sometimes things can get a little busy, but I find balance because I love to do both. I wouldn’t change being a nurse for anything in the world. Keep up the good work and I look forward to networking on this site!”