This young woman is amazing y’all. Audri is a 25 year old cardiac progressive registered nurse. She is also the founder of Nurse Goals ( @rn.goals) on Instagram, which she founded in the summer of 2018. She has been a nurse for a year and a half and has no issue showcasing that she is Not Just A Nurse! Audri shares, “We all know that nursing school has a notorious reputation for being “challenging”, which it is. This reputation intimidates a lot of people and deters them away from our profession, because they may feel “I’m not smart enough” or “I won’t pass.” I have personally mentored and encouraged a lot of potential students and let them know that nursing is a goal you CAN achieve!”

Her vision is to provide an inspirational haven for students and nurses.  While she loves to showcase the joys of our profession, it wouldn’t be real to her if she didn’t expose the woes. Audri, wants future nurses to know about certain issues (bullying, increasing patient ratios, burnout, etc) that they may encounter and how to handle them when they occur. She states, “The more we openly discuss these obstacles, the less “taboo” they become, so I’m excited for Nurse Goals to provide that platform as well!”

When asked these two questions, “How do you live the mantra of Not Just Nurses each day,” and “How do you use your journey to inspire others and spread love? ” Audri replied, ” I live the mantra because not only do I heal the lives of patients as a nurse, but I also love to heal the minds of nursing students and new nurses. This is specifically why I became a preceptor and also why I started Nurse Goals.  She shares that she wants to give back to our nursing community by fostering a “no eating/bullying” environment. She goes on to say that, the future of nursing is in the hand of these individuals and they should be supported and guided every step of the way, not bullied and shot down with toxic energy they experience too often. This is Audrianna’s small way of spreading love and inspiration. We asked Audri for some advice for our nursing students or aspiring nurses and here’s what she had to say! “Wow, I have so much I can say but one that speaks to me right now, is make sure you’re going into nursing with the right intentions. Nursing can be extremely challenging to the mind, body, and soul. You really have to enjoy what you do and nurse from the heart. If your unhappy it WILL show in your practice.”

Audrianna is definitely Not Just A Nurse! You guys can follow her platform on Instagram to stay updated!

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