Hey Guys! Meet Ms. Brittany Hudson a registered nurse from St. Louis, Missouri. She began her nursing education at Tennessee State University, but transferred during her junior year to the University of Missouri St. Louis where she earned a bachelor of science in Nursing in 2009. Her inspiration for becoming a nurse was simply because she’s always had a caring demeanor and a sense of pride when she is helping better one’s health state. Not to mention, Brittany feels that it’s an incredibly notable and stable career. She is currently working in surgical services as a clinical development specialist for quality and education. She oversees the education for novice and seasoned nurses as well as participates in regulatory practice implementation for her organization. She states,”I love that I’m behind the scenes and I get the opportunity to know the “why” behind all new practices.” She also adds, “When I was at the bedside, I didn’t always understand why we were learning about a new product or why a policy was changed. Now I have a better understanding.” Brittany always knew that she wanted to further her education in order to impact the nursing profession from a quality standpoint. As she grew as an RN she recognized that she had many leadership qualities that could possibly take her far in her career. In her earlier years as an RN, she practiced in several leadership positions and she grew to love it. Luckily, when deciding and researching advanced practice specialties, she was able to find a Masters of Nursing program that focused on leadership and management, which happened to be the preferred degree for her specialty. She has found that this is where her passion lies and she is looking forward to growing and impacting her profession from a quality stance. Brittany’s advice to anyone transitioning or thinking about transitioning to the MSN role is that it is important to find something you love and follow your passion. She also adds, “Do not let money be a deciding factor on what specialty you choose for your Masters. Follow your heart and work hard and the rest will fall in place.” “Secondly, Masters programs take a lot of discipline and writing of research papers,” she says, “so I would suggest brushing up on APA writing guidelines and develop a schedule to keep you on track as you progress through the program.” Brittany came up with her vision for Morgan’s Lane to create a forum where women like herself feel comfortable being themselves, while also being extremely career and goal oriented. She often felt judged because of her own lifestyle because she had no children, no husband, she likes to go out and travel, etc. She also felt like people placed her in a box because she’s a registered nurse (As if she should be extremely conservative or a plain jane and that’s not the case for Miss Hudson). She wants women and young girls to look at her and see themselves and know that they can do whatever they want in life. Morgan’s Lane is about offering advice and insight on not only nursing, but life itself to the young minority millennial women. The advice she would give to her peers who aspire to be more than just a nurse is to get out there and make connections. Whether it’s seminars or simple weekend networking events, it’s important to speak up and be known amongst your peers. She states, “You never know who you’re talking to and the opportunities that could come about based on your relationships with others. Lastly, don’t get discouraged! It will not be an easy road pursuing your dreams, but it’ll be well worth it.” The advice that she would like to offer to nursing students who may be struggling and in need of guidance is this, “Hang in there and find a mentor to help you through those hard times. I didn’t have a mentor for my undergrad studies but I did for my masters program and it made a world of difference. My mentor helped find my internship, offered career guidance as well as encouraging words when I felt discouraged.” She also suggests investing in a great prep course if you’re studying for the NCLEX. She’s seen a trend lately of nurses not passing their NCLEX the first time around and she finds that they either did not prepare properly or did not invest in a sufficient prep course. Her thoughts are, why is this not heavily encouraged in our field? Every other program of study/profession strongly encourages prep courses when testing, so why not nursing? She feels that overall, prep courses can be a bit pricey but they are well worth it. Miss Brittany Hudson is NOT JUST A NURSE! She’s an educator, and encourager, and so much more than a plain jane people have tried to label her as! She does MORE!

Brittany Hudson, RN, MSN