Everyone please meet Jannel Gooden!


      This amazing soul is the founder of Novice is the New Nurse, LLC and has a platform that encourages new nurses to trust themselves all while teaching them to be successful in their new roles as a nurse!

When asked the story of how she got to where she is now Jannel replied, “Ahhh! Telling the story of how I got “here” is always tricky because I am not where I want to be, but I constantly have to practice gratitude to remember I am not where I used to be and that’s special enough. If it all stopped here, I would have taken a good stab at breaking generational curses and there is magic in that effort. I believe all things worked together to get me to this very spot. No one single event contributed to these moments, rather the compound effect of each circumstance, each hardship, each win, each lost, every hand of support and every back turned.”

Jannel grew up in a single parenthood with her mother who worked 16 hours a day, 5 days a week most of her childhood. She understood her mother’s sacrifice early on and did not take it lightly. Her junior year of college, after  she accumulated credits towards a nonexistent major, She realized she was not in a place that would allow her to thrive post-graduation. With Loans and no real interest, Jannel had no idea what to do for a career. She states, The ability to dream is a privilege. Some people don’t even understand the luxury in that.” Growing up in the Bronx, she wasn’t always given the luxury of dreams because her reality was too thick to waste time on the “impossible”. She adds, “You are taught very quickly the necessity in securing a decent paying job so you can carry on with the routines of life. In that moment in my dorm room, junior year of college, I made a decision. Not one that my heart bursted in joy over but one out of necessity!” Jannel’s mother had been a Certified Nurse’s Aide since she came to this country, so it was natural for her to land in the role of nursing. So, she did! She applied to the College of New Rochelle’s School of Nursing and started that Fall. Jannel goes on to say, “I was a smart girl. I knew it was going to be doable. I just needed to find the passion in it. I didn’t know the how’s but my faith would not let me just wither into a routine. I wanted extraordinary. I wanted to be great. I wanted to inspire. I wanted to be the one to show everyone that anything was possible. Like the Oprah’s of the world. I still want all those things.”


Jannel strongly believes that nursing saved her. Nursing opened her eyes to her talents and her infinite creative nature that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. In 2012, when she graduated nursing and started her career, she started to take inventory of my interests. She immediately considered going back to school but had no idea for what. She knew she wanted to travel more and see the world with her new income and schedule flexibility but she was so stressed by her new journey in nursing. She was forced to put a lot of things gently to the side to unfold at a more appropriate time. Her focus ultimately turned inward.

Being a new nurse for Jannel was hard. She shares that, she started feeling things that nursing school didn’t even make her feel. She states, “I was anxious. I never knew anxiety until the summer of 2012. I was anxious during work. That turned into anxiety after work. I started feeling nauseous at the start of my shifts. It became misery for me. I couldn’t understand why nursing made me feel so wiped out. I turned to journaling. I started writing out my feelings. Those feelings turned into stories. Those stories turned into advice. I started creating for the new nurses I had no idea were coming. I was just honoring my feelings and that blossomed.” “It blossomed into Novice is the New Nurse. A platform created to encourage and empower the new graduate nurse by giving them actionable steps to flourish in their new roles.”


Ashley Kennedy, who is the other half of NITNN, was a travel nurse at her staff hospital in NYC. Jannel started reading to her, her passages. She told her that she wanted it to be a book. She wanted, and still wants to, and claims that she will be a NY Times Bestselling author. In that moment, she decided that for the world to buy a book, they needed to know who she was first! They never stopped creating together. The result of that was the birth of their social media presence.


Not everyone understood their vision from the beginning. Jannel goes on to say, “I remember when we first created the page, I texted my entire contact list and told them to follow. I got on my FB and announced it. I was relentless! No one initially followed. It was discouraging. I often spent too many days wondering how we would get from that point to anywhere else. It’s so hard to believe it will unfold when you are sitting under the rock of your own self doubt. The most honest part of this journey that no one talks about is how hard it is to remain consistent when you are discouraged. Finding your passion and moving into your purpose becomes such an emotional rollercoaster because everything in you wants it to work out just the way you envision.”


When asked the question what does the mission of Not Just Nurses mean to her Jannel replied, “Everything we do daily is a testament to the Not Just Nurses mantra. We are creatives. We honor our gifts both at and away from the bedside. We develop our ideas.” “I am not just a nurse. I am a writer. I am an entrepreneur. I am a public speaker. I am a world traveler. I used my profession to facilitate the infinite possibilities that exist in this lifetime and I am still unlocking more every day.”

Her advice for nursing students is this,

“For every nursing student and aspiring nurse, please remember,

Don’t Rush.

Take your time,

Nursing is not a race.

There is no finish line.

Only the journey.

Everything in its own timing. We are always racing to get it all done that we forget that every task has its own divine timing. Be consistent but don’t feel like you need to be in a hurry.”


Jannel leaves us with this statement, “Part of my life’s purpose is to move in love. Part of moving in love is recognizing your gifts and using them to their fullest. So even when its uncomfortable, even when I feel embarrassed, even when it’s not received well, I still keep sharing because if even one person feels blessed by what I shared then I’ve done my best!” Jannel Gooden is NOT JUST A NURSE she is so much more and we are happy to have her be apart of the Not Just Nurses platform!


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