Ever since I was a young girl I just knew that nursing was the right career for me. I’ve always had a kind and nurturing personality, so nursing just always seemed like a good fit, and I turned out to be right. Kim describes her nursing journey as being by no means easy. She had two major life events happen to her while in nursing school. She got married to the love of her life and had a beautiful baby girl. Despite acquiring two new roles, one being a wife and the other a mom Kim still pressed forward. She states, “I would be lying to you if I said it wasn’t challenging.” She goes on to say, “It certainly was, but I had a great support system to help me through it.” When she graduated nursing school she was lead to share her journey with masses of people on Instagram. Her mission is to inspire, encourage, and educate as many people as she could in her lifetime. With each post she puts on Instagram she wants to make sure that she is doing that. Kim genuinely wants people to be the best versions of their selves and do whatever God has called them to do. She officially started her own blog and website to serve as another outlet to reach more people and provide them with advice related to nursing school and life. 

We asked Kim, How do you live the mantra of Not Just Nurses each day? Her response was, “I live this mantra by simply embracing my role as both a wife and mom. For me it’s important to spend time with my family outside of work. I also think its important to do things you love, and for me that includes traveling around the world and inspiring others through my platform.”
We also asked Kim, what is one piece of advice you would give to nursing students or aspiring nurses? She responded, “One piece of advice I would give to nursing students or aspiring nurses is to believe in yourself. You are literally capable of doing anything you put your mind to. Take that to heart and when the going gets rough remember to keep going, and know that YOU CAN DO IT!”

The last thing we asked Kim to share with us was, “How do you use your journey to inspire others and spread love?”
She states, “I use my journey to inspire others by sharing my struggles. We often like to look at the finished product and think that people reached their goals with no struggles along the way. However, that is far from the truth. I think when we share our struggles it humanizes us and inspires others to keep pushing in spite of their obstacles. ” Thank you Kim for allowing us to shine light on you and your story! She is absolutely Not Just A Nurse!!

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