How to Keep Your Skin Looking Beautiful on a Budget!

As a nurse we are all aware of the long work hours, stressful conditions and harsh sanitizing agents in the average hospital workplace taking a toll on our skin? Nurses often struggle with looking their best in the face of a work environment that does little to support healthy, glowing skin. I want to share some of my favorite products that will help you take extra steps to pamper yourself and maintain beautiful skin.


Find a good facial exfoliator that will help remove dead skin and keep your face looking younger and feeling smoother. Exfoliate with caution and don’t exfoliate every day. Using an exfoliator 2-3 times a week is suffice.

My recommendation: Simple Skin Care Soothing Facial Scrub, $6.00


Finding a good mask is a great way to target any skin concerns that you may have also. Overnight masks are great because they do all the work while you snooze away and there’s no messy washing off needed. You can apply them at night, let them absorb, and they work while you sleep. When you wake up you’ll be ready to put your best face forward!

My recommendation: Sephora Collection Sleeping Masks, $4.00 There are many to choose from to target a variety of facial concerns.




Whether you work day shift or night 12 hours can take toll on the delicate skin underneath your eyes. You can keep under-eye bags at bay with cool compresses or with college infused under eye patches. These are easy to use and inexpensive in comparison to investing in expensive creams to combat against sagging skin and dark circle in the under-eye area.

My recommendation: Global Beauty Care Collagen Under Eye Pads, $5.99


When it comes to working, if you’re like me, you are constantly applying chap stick throughout the day. If you like to wear makeup at work and you find yourself wearing lipstick your lips can get dry throughout the day. It’s especially hard in the winter to keep your lips nice and soft! Using a night time lip mask is one of my favorite ways to keep my lips soft and supple all through the year. It’s simple to apply to your lips every night and when you wake up in the morning your lips will be nice and soft!

My recommendation: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $20.00


I hope you all enjoyed this post showcasing some of my favorite skincare products that won’t break the bank! As nurses we all want to put our best face forward for our patients! We can’t forget the key to patient care is to first take care of ourselves!


Jay Quinn ❤️


Major Keys to the perfect Makeup look for work!

Fatima Francesa is here to give you ladies her personal tips for the perfect makeup look she uses for work! Let’s get into it!

So, I usually get this question from nurses who want to be cute and feel pretty at work. How do you do your makeup and make it last through long shifts? So first things first, I usually don’t do a full face of makeup for work.

I like to keep my look fresh, presentable and put-together. I now work in the office environment, so I do a little more than I used to do during a night shift at the bedside. At times, I am doing presentations, going to/from patient’s rooms and communicating with the team, or even out in the community doing promotions, so I like to keep a presentable look!

My usual face routine includes

1. Foundation

2. Concealer

3. Highlight

4. Bronzer

Enough for a clean base and a little bit of color and glow!

For the eyes:

I usually just do a coat of mascara and a little bit of eyeliner on the waterline to define my eyes and look more fresh and awake.

Lips 👄:

I usually do some type of nude lipstick combination, gloss, or sometimes just lip balm!

Finishing Touches:

I set everything with MAC Fix + and I am good to go!! It’s a fresh face, and I still feel girly. I like to keep my makeup in the work environment SIMPLE & CUTE. That is my look. As nurses, we are busy and don’t always have the time to go back and touch up so just keep it simple and fresh!



Your Fellow Girl Boss

Fatima Francesa ❤️

Nurse Spotlight: Meisha Amia

Everyone meet Miss Chicks with Cheques herself Meisha Amia!

Meisha is from Cambridge, Maryland and has been a nurse for 9 years. Her specialty is labor and delivery.  Her interests include entrepreneurship and traveling.  When asked when did Meisha want to become more than just a nurse she replied, “Actually didn’t make the decision to be an author or a business owner. I’m an accidental entrepreneur lol … just by listening to God’s promises, I was forced into things my eyes couldn’t imagine. I’m still laughing out loud some days in disbelief that I wrote a whole book!! My book title is very specific to our industry with a symbolic meaning of my life. The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figure is my journey from nursing to travel nurse entrepreneur. The scrubs are known as what nurses wear but in my book title it’s symbolic for the tough times I overcame. Then six figures only means money to the world, but in my book title it represents the triumph, accomplishments, and freedom I have. It’s much deeper than money; I feel like six figures!”

Meisha discovered her passion for branding and helping others to build their brand by always being what she calls, ” a crafty creative girl.” She made scrap books, designed clothes, and she even did hair! When she was in college she enjoyed helping her friend who is a photographer with her business. That’s when she realized how much she enjoyed helping entrepreneurs expand.   Having two brands has kept this boss chick busy!  She runs a network brand called Chicks with Cheques that brings women together who are entrepreneurs allowing them to network with others who are doing the same.  She also has the Bedside Boss brand, which is her personal brand.  She states, “I’m always running two brands because our personal brand is just as important as our business brand. It’s really hard work to balance your personal branding and business branding. I usually try to plan my content by the month and plan my events quarterly.” As nurses we always forget to care for ourselves.  But Meisha has some of her own techniques that she uses to relieve herself of stress and to promote focus in her life! “I spend time with my family and friends who are not a part of my business. My advice to others is take a vacation, let your hair and have fun. Business women always try to remain so strong and powerful that it’s hard for them to loosen up. But not me lol … I have no problem taking the day off!”



Some advice that Meisha would like to give new nurse entrepreneurs who may be struggling with starting their businesses or others who have started but may be stuck is, “My best advice is to focus more on yourself than starting the business. Self awareness is how you discover your niche. They might find out they were going the wrong direction. Every nurse shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. But every nurse should find their power within healthcare. It’s so much we can do. All very powerful roles!”

Some advice that she wants to offer to nursing students who may be struggling or entering the work force right after graduation is, “Don’t be picky. I started in GYN/Oncology and I knew I wanted to be an L&D nurse at the time. No hospital was willing to give me a chance in L&D at that time. But I say, go into your new grad position knowing you are seeking an opportunity to prove yourself. Once you knock out your first position, HR recruiters will be blowing you up like telemarketers!”  I asked Meisha how should apply the mantra of  Not Just Nurses to her life? She states, “Everything I’ve accomplished applies to not just nurses. There’s so much more to me and I want the world to see that first!  Some things you can expect from Meisha this year is The Nurse Power Network (co-founder Nicole Thomas) is headed to Miami and Essence Festival again for our Nurse Power Brunch.  So Nurses you don’t want to miss that! Chicks with Cheques is also going to the Bahamas in March. They have just launched a new branding program called, Brandmode University for female entrepreneurs who are ready to have one on one branding support for 12 weeks. Lastly, her new book is set to come out in March, titled “Make Em Drool: Your Personal Brand Should be Irresistible”  Meisha has been killing it at the bedside and in entrepreneurship! She is the true definition of a “Bedside Boss” and a “Chick who is getting those checks!”



Nurse Spotlight: Halle Elliot

Meet Halle Elliott!

Halle is from Michigan and will be starting nursing school in 2019 at Wayne State University or Oakland Community College.  Halle decided that nursing was for her back when she was hospitalized for a surgical removal of her gallbladder due to her chronic illness. Once Halle is finished with nursing school, she has two specialties that would interest her! Those are pediatrics or genetics.  During this interview I asked Halle what she thought would be the hardest thing she would encounter in nursing school? Her response was, “ “ time “ I say time because you only get 24 hours in a day and if I’m working part-time and going to school full time I believe that time is going to be hard for me.” Halle believes that every nurse should enhance their education at the master’s level not only because the pay is well, but because nurses have worked so hard to get where they are today, why not go for that third degree!  She states, “I believe that everyone can do it!” Halle aspires to be a nurse practitioner one day but is not too sure what specialty she would like to work in. She would like to attend clinicals first and then make her decision. Halle has many hobbies outside of working and studying.  They include spending time with her friends and loved ones, binge watching Netflix, catching up on YouTube subscriptions, spa days, and trying new vegan restaurants! When asked how the mantra of Not Just Nurses applies to her, Halle answered, “Even though we are dedicated to our nursing programs we are more than what we study. “Not Just A Nurse “in my eyes applies to me being a strong woman, a daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend etc. Not everything we do is documented. Somedays are rough days where you have personal problems going on or small setbacks thrown at you unexpectedly. But, other days are more positive and uplifting. “Not Just A Nurse” is being able to handle whatever is thrown your way.”  Halle would like to give some advice to you all!  She wants to tell everyone to trust the process because where there’s a will there’s a way! She knows there are plenty of days where we may feel overwhelmed and stressed, but in the end, it will all be worth it! She is thankful for being able to look back and say, “I made it”. She also states, “I would also say never compare your journey to anyone else’s because everyone is different and learns at their own pace. Earning your degree isn’t a race or competition!” Halle is not just a nursing student!

Nurse Spotlight: Brittany Hudson

Hey Guys! Meet Ms. Brittany Hudson a registered nurse from St. Louis, Missouri. She began her nursing education at Tennessee State University, but transferred during her junior year to the University of Missouri St. Louis where she earned a bachelor of science in Nursing in 2009. Her inspiration for becoming a nurse was simply because she’s always had a caring demeanor and a sense of pride when she is helping better one’s health state. Not to mention, Brittany feels that it’s an incredibly notable and stable career. She is currently working in surgical services as a clinical development specialist for quality and education. She oversees the education for novice and seasoned nurses as well as participates in regulatory practice implementation for her organization. She states,”I love that I’m behind the scenes and I get the opportunity to know the “why” behind all new practices.” She also adds, “When I was at the bedside, I didn’t always understand why we were learning about a new product or why a policy was changed. Now I have a better understanding.” Brittany always knew that she wanted to further her education in order to impact the nursing profession from a quality standpoint. As she grew as an RN she recognized that she had many leadership qualities that could possibly take her far in her career. In her earlier years as an RN, she practiced in several leadership positions and she grew to love it. Luckily, when deciding and researching advanced practice specialties, she was able to find a Masters of Nursing program that focused on leadership and management, which happened to be the preferred degree for her specialty. She has found that this is where her passion lies and she is looking forward to growing and impacting her profession from a quality stance. Brittany’s advice to anyone transitioning or thinking about transitioning to the MSN role is that it is important to find something you love and follow your passion. She also adds, “Do not let money be a deciding factor on what specialty you choose for your Masters. Follow your heart and work hard and the rest will fall in place.” “Secondly, Masters programs take a lot of discipline and writing of research papers,” she says, “so I would suggest brushing up on APA writing guidelines and develop a schedule to keep you on track as you progress through the program.” Brittany came up with her vision for Morgan’s Lane to create a forum where women like herself feel comfortable being themselves, while also being extremely career and goal oriented. She often felt judged because of her own lifestyle because she had no children, no husband, she likes to go out and travel, etc. She also felt like people placed her in a box because she’s a registered nurse (As if she should be extremely conservative or a plain jane and that’s not the case for Miss Hudson). She wants women and young girls to look at her and see themselves and know that they can do whatever they want in life. Morgan’s Lane is about offering advice and insight on not only nursing, but life itself to the young minority millennial women. The advice she would give to her peers who aspire to be more than just a nurse is to get out there and make connections. Whether it’s seminars or simple weekend networking events, it’s important to speak up and be known amongst your peers. She states, “You never know who you’re talking to and the opportunities that could come about based on your relationships with others. Lastly, don’t get discouraged! It will not be an easy road pursuing your dreams, but it’ll be well worth it.” The advice that she would like to offer to nursing students who may be struggling and in need of guidance is this, “Hang in there and find a mentor to help you through those hard times. I didn’t have a mentor for my undergrad studies but I did for my masters program and it made a world of difference. My mentor helped find my internship, offered career guidance as well as encouraging words when I felt discouraged.” She also suggests investing in a great prep course if you’re studying for the NCLEX. She’s seen a trend lately of nurses not passing their NCLEX the first time around and she finds that they either did not prepare properly or did not invest in a sufficient prep course. Her thoughts are, why is this not heavily encouraged in our field? Every other program of study/profession strongly encourages prep courses when testing, so why not nursing? She feels that overall, prep courses can be a bit pricey but they are well worth it. Miss Brittany Hudson is NOT JUST A NURSE! She’s an educator, and encourager, and so much more than a plain jane people have tried to label her as! She does MORE!

Brittany Hudson, RN, MSN