Nurse Spotlight: Tanisha Terry

Everyone meet Tanisha Terry, who is a registered nurse from Houston, Texas.Tanisha decided that nursing was for her the summer before her 8th grade year. She was responsible for caring for her beloved grandfather, while her parents and siblings were away at work. She would complete simple tasks for him like, prepare his meals, administer his medications and read him the newspaper. Tanisha states, He would always say, “Thank you my little nurse,” and she would smile and say, “You’re welcome paw paw.” However, Tanisha had always told her grandfather she would be a dolphin trainer and not a nurse! Later that summer, Tanisha and her family had laid her grandfather to rest. She could still hear him saying, “Thank you my little nurse”, and it was then that she knew she was created to be a nurse!

Tanisha graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2014.But in 2016, she had decided that she wanted to be more than a nurse.Tanisha decided that she wanted to build a platform where nurses could inspire and encourage nursing students to fulfill their dreams inside and outside of the healthcare profession. 2017 was the year that she put her vision into action!Tanisha’s brand is called, “Black Girls White Coats!”She came up with this vision because her friends and other black women in the healthcare profession were the ultimate inspiration for her brand. She wanted to create a platform where the healthcare professionals she was inspired by could come together to support and connect with one another. Black Girls White Coats is a community for the everyday #girlboss. Through her brand, Tanisha wanted women to know that they are beautiful and powerful beyond measure!

Ultimately, Tanisha would like to use her brand to leave her mark on the world. She states, “I want others to know, “If Tanisha can do it, then so can I.” She wants to continue to uplift and inspire young ladies to go after every dream they have!We all know that balancing the demands of nursing and living your life to the fullest can be a task.But Tanisha enjoys her life inside and outside of nursing by remembering to always practice self care. She is intentional about getting adequate hours of sleep, working out and spending time alone for her mental health. She finds that she can only be the best Nurse Tanisha, by taking care of herself first!

We have all been in the nursing school struggle! Some advice Tanisha would like to share is,” to never let anyone or anything stand in the way of your dreams. “What’s for you is for YOU, and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to change that.” She states, “You must believe that. I said that quote to myself countless times in nursing school. When I faced challenging situations I simply accepted it, faced it and overcame it. There was no time to stay down when I had dreams to achieve.”Tanisha would also like to share some advice to her peers that want to go beyond the bedside and be more than a nurse. Her advice is to gain all the experience you can in your field before going beyond the bedside. She includes, “Nursing is a demanding career; it is important to feel confident in your craft before taking on other responsibilities.” Tanisha is beautiful and intelligent beyond measure. Her message and brand exudes positivity and that is why Tanisha Terry is Not Just A Nurse!

Tanisha Terry, RN, BSN and the creator of Black Girls White Coats